Our Expertise

LFD Consulting, LLC provides strategic talent and leadership development services for nonprofit, government, corporate, faith-based and community based organizations. Our consulting will tailor a cadre of competencies, skills, and resources to help organizations improve their performance efficiently and effectively via continuous process improvement strategies.  We are committed to excellence and creating innovative and flexible solutions for our clients.
Strategy & Organization

We offer leaders and managers the peace of mind that comes from knowing their employees are being professionally and personally developed in alignment with relevant competencies and provide evaluation tools and strategies to help them continue to flourish.

Team Analysis and Development

The team engages a strategic mix of Human Resources strategies and performance excellence models such as the TKI Conflict Mode, Lean Kaizen events, and Myers Briggs/Dysfunctional Teams.

Appreciative Inquiry

We help our clients conduct team analysis, appreciative inquiry, and collaborative leadership solutions that will over time build a culture that gains, trains, and maintains good internal and external customers.

Collaborative Leadership Solutions

Through collaborative leadership training, we assist leaders with focusing on the big-picture and visioning success. 

Lean Solutions & Sustainability

At LFD, we assist leaders in building high standards of performance and sustainability.

Corporate Development

We’ve been providing our clients with opportunities to learn and grow through performance evaluation, continuous process improvement, training and facilitation, and program development for over 10 years.